There are a lot of people who are interested in getting piano lessons but they are not entirely sure if they should learn piano on their own or if they should hire a private tutor to do it for them. There are instances when people learn how to play the piano by getting lessons with a teacher that teaches several students at once but can this be helpful for people who truly want to learn how to play?

There are several reasons why you should hire a private piano teacher to help them learn how to play.

Here are some of the reasons:


1. It will help students develop a personal relationship with their teacher and in the long run, they will learn to respect each other better. It will also be easier for the child to establish a relationship with the teacher that will furthermore help the student develop the needed skills faster.

2. Since learning how to play music can actually be good for the brain, having a teacher mold the skill of playing the piano together with the development of the cognitive area of the brain can make the benefits much better. Having a good private piano teacher can make the lessons enjoyable and effective.

3. When students learn with a private tutor, they learn not to compare themselves with other people their age that may be learning the same things that they are learning. More often than not, there are some who get frustrated because other students of the teacher have made more progress. If the teaching would be one on one, there would be no comparison. The student would be able to assess his/her own work and would work on improving his/her work with the help of the private teacher.

4. Students who learn with a private piano teacher have a close up advantage to build their own identity as a musician. Students often mimic playing styles of popular musicians, and that’s a good way to start. With a private tutor, she will be able to work with you closely to develop your own playing style. This will help you in the long run as an accomplished pianist.

5. The major difference of going for private piano lessons, and not big group classes, would probably be this: Flexibility. As a student, you can discuss with the teacher to teach you a few songs out of the usual syllabus. If your teacher is keen, she can also teach you other music skills, like composing and transcribing. Lessons will not be boring and monotonous anymore!

Now that you know the reasons to go for private piano lessons, the next question to ask is, what should I look for a teacher then? Choosing the right teacher is important for you to get started. Here are some of the things that you have to be consider:


  • The teacher’s location – It is not advisable to get a teacher who lives far away unless the teacher is willing. Of course, costs may also double because of this so it will be best to search for a teacher nearby..
  • Check out the Credentials of the Private Piano Teacher – If you are a beginner, you don’t have to go for a highly qualified teacher (for e.g. a music professor from a university). You want a teacher who is qualified good enough to teach you the basics. If you are keen to pursue your piano further, you can always find a teacher with higher qualification.
  • The Teacher’s Specialty – While all piano teachers teach students to learn how to play the piano, they may be focused on different types of music. Some piano teachers may teach classical music while others will be more into jazz.
  • The Teacher’s Teaching Method – There are times when teachers adapt to their students’ needs but there are also some teachers who make it known that they have their own teaching methods and the students would have to adapt to their type of teaching method. You can also know this by starting with a few trial lessons with the teacher.

Yeap! Above are some tips that will help you get started with your first private piano lessons. If you want to find a good and qualified piano teacher, drop us your request here!

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