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The Happy Pianist is a platform that recommends qualified and experienced piano teachers to parents and students in Singapore.

Since 2014, we have helped thousands of parents and students start piano lessons with our piano teachers, based on their interests and preferences, at their convenience.

How We Help You

We Recommend Experienced and Qualified Teachers To You

You might have tried posting on your Facebook or searching forums for a piano teacher near your place. Or even found a teacher on Carousell offering dirt cheap piano lessons. However, you are still afraid to go ahead because you’re thinking…

Are these piano teachers real?
Are they really qualified and certified?
Any background info about these teachers?
Will they take my fees and run?
If they really go missing with my fees, what can I do?

All of our piano teachers are qualified and certified by internationally acclaimed music examination boards, music colleges and universities. We can show you their certificates physically or digitally.

You can rest assured all the piano teachers we recommend to you are real, qualified, certified, with integrity and professional.

We Protect You From Irresponsible Teachers

Dispute with a teacher? A teacher fails to turn up for classes after collecting your fees? The teacher disappeared?

We will protect you. With The Happy Pianist Assurance, you’ll be protected up to $500 for any fees owed to you.

We uphold our teachers to high professional standards

Till date, we have blacklisted 11 private piano teachers who we fail to adhere to our standards.

We do this to ensure our students receive the top quality piano education they deserve.

We Can Advise Your Music Journey

We are not your typical piano agency in Singapore. We are music teachers ourselves who truly understand the needs of music students, and work with a vast pool of piano teachers in Singapore too.

If you need advice in anything related to piano or music, like…

“Should I take piano exams?”
“I’m not sure if I should continue my child in music school…”
“Am I overpaying for music school fees”

“Is my child learning with the right teacher?”
“My child started to lose interest in piano, what should I do…”
“My child is progressing fast, what should I do now…”
“I want to re-learn the piano again after learning it many years ago, how can I do it…”

Seek our advice on anything related to piano or music, anytime!

We Add Fun Into Your Music Journey!

We believe that music learning should be fun, and this is why we organise different activities for our students, such as music quizzes to test their knowledge and win attractive prizes!

You can also join our music festivals, to showcase your playing and performance, and share your music with others too!

We received many positive feedback from our participants, parents and teachers, on how our festival has inspired them further in their music journey.


Our Happy Parents And Students

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Be A Happy Pianist Today…For Free!

We recommend our piano teachers to parents and students at no cost. Yes. It is FREE to engage us. No Registration Fee. No Admin Fee. No Service Fee.

Our service is Free for students only.

We collect a fee from our piano teachers for every successful piano lesson started. This fee allows us to maintain and grow this community of happy pianists in Singapore, and allow more parents and students to kickstart their piano playing journey.

“I’m looking for a piano teacher now!”

Great! Send in your request now and we will recommend you good teachers within the next 24 hours.

“I want to sign up as a piano teacher!”

Great! We help teachers to earn more and enjoy more flexibility while building their teaching career.

Click here to apply as a Happy Pianist teacher. (Do note that we have some strict guidelines to adhere to).

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