The Best Way To Motivate Students In Their Music Journey

If you or your child is losing interest or motivation while learning piano, then this video is for you.

Watch the video below:

There are many ways to motivate a student.

But this is probably the best way to motivate a piano student:


The purpose of learning music, learning to play an instrument, is to share the music with others.

You don’t learn music just to play behind closed doors, play in your room, and you’re so scared to shared your music.

Learning music is supposed to make you a sharing person, a person who want to share the love of music with others.

If you learn a very nice piece, you enjoy playing it. Why not share it with others?

Performing music for anybody motivates a musician.

The appreciation, the gratitude, the applause you receive by performing will motivate you to play more, to perform more, to produce higher level, more difficult pieces of music.

So how do you encourage to performance?

1. Perform at your teacher’s concert

Most of our teachers organise mini concerts for their students to perform. Teachers does organise recitals for their own group of students, or combined together with other teachers’ students too.

In event where physical concerts are not possible, teachers also organise online recitals for their students.

All these are various avenues for you or your child to perform.

So when there’s an opportunity to perform, go for it!


2. Participate in music festivals or competitions.

Music festivals or competitions is another avenue where you can perform.

There are national and international competitions, where most of the young talented musicians will come together to showcase their skills and performance.

And there are also smaller scale competitions too.

Or you can also join the festival organised by us, The Happy Pianist Festival, which is held every year for our students.

Winning spurs pianists to strive for greater heights in their journey. 

If you didn’t win, you still gain valuable performance experience!


3. Perform, record, and share online with others

If the first 2 options are not available, you can also record your own playing, and share it online. You can also upload to your own Youtube Channel too.

Just take note that there are anonymous viewers online who will love your playing, and hate your playing (for no reason). You’ll love it when you gets lots of likes. But nasty comments may come in too.

Don’t get affected by it, but focus more on recording more pieces, and over time, you’ll be amazed by the progress you’ve made over the years.

Learning And Playing The Piano Should Be Fun!

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