The Guide To Buying The Right Piano Or Keyboard For Lessons

Are you keen on learning the piano, but not sure which is the right piano or keyboard you need to get started?

Let us guide you on the different types of piano and keyboards out there, and which one suits you based on your learning goals. We also work with different piano brands and can assist you to get a suitable piano or keyboard with our promotional rates too. 


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61-Key Electronic Keyboard


88-Key Electronic Keyboard


Digital Piano


Upright Acoustic Piano


Grand Piano


The "Piano" or "Keyboard" To Avoid


Quality Pianos Or Keyboards At Promotional Rates

61-Key Light Weight Electronic Keyboard

Price: $100 to $200

Who is this for: If you’re learning the piano for fun, and to try out if it is something you like, you can start with a 61-key light weight electronic keyboard. It is the most affordable keyboard to get started. 

Pros: Low priced, and suitable for beginners, either kids or adults,  who just want to try out playing the piano or keyboard without heavy commitment. As it is a portable keyboard, you can carry around, or keep it when not in use.

Cons: The keys are light weight and easy to press. Hence, it does not help in training finger strength of the student. As the keyboard is 61-key, it is shorter than a full-size 88-key keyboard or piano, so the pieces of songs this keyboard can play, is limited.


88-Key Weighted Keys Electronic Keyboard

Price: $300 to $600

Who is this for: The 88-key weighted keyboard is the next level after the 61-key lightweight keyboard.

It is suitable for students learning for leisure, or until Grade 1 level. The price is still affordable enough, but it gives you a closer feel to the actual piano.

Pros: Still affordably priced, and suitable for beginners to get started. It has 88 keys, hence it has all the keys of what a normal piano has, and this allows you to play any songs you like. The keys are weighted, so it helps in training finger strength, and gives you a similar feel of playing on a normal piano. It is also portable, so you can bring out to perform at events, or move around the house easily.

Cons: Although the keys are weighted, and full size 88-key, the feel is still not the same as playing on a normal piano. It is good enough for beginners to Grade 1 if you plan to go for grading. 

A Performance On A 88-Key Weighted Keys Electronic Keyboard


Digital Piano

Price: $700 to $1600

Who is this for: This is the next level after a portable keyboard. Suitable for leisure learners, and students learning for grading, to about Grade 3 to 4.

A digital piano is the piano most similar to a normal piano. It is cheaper and allow beginners to get started to take on initial grades.

Pros: A digital piano is very similar to a normal upright piano – with weighted keys, 88 keys, similar height, and comes with pedal.

Some digital pianos have bluetooth functions, which allow you to connect to iPad, or silent mode which allow you to plug in your ear phone to listen to your own playing. Some have in-built background music.

Cons: While a digital piano is very close to a normal acoustic piano, there are still some differences, such as the touch and feel. The tone produced is different from the normal acoustic piano too.

A Performance On A Digital Piano


Upright Acoustic Piano

Price: $1500 and above

Who is this for: This is the piano we are all familiar with. This is suitable for learners playing for leisure, and doing grading to Grade 8.

Pros: If you have an upright acoustic piano, it can last you for years, for any purposes, be it for leisure, grading or accompaniment for other instruments.

Learning on an upright piano also allows beginners to train their fingers, develop their sense of touch and correct playing habits and techniques right from the start.

Cons: An acoustic piano requires regular tuning, about every 6 months. Otherwise, it will go out of tune, or sound badly. A digital piano, which runs on electricity, won’t go out of tune. A acoustic piano also take up much more space in your house than a digital piano.

A Performance On An Upright Acoustic Piano


Grand Piano

Price: $10,000 and above

Who is this for: Owning a grand piano is a dream of many pianists. But not every student need a grand piano. It is more suitable for students of higher levels, doing Diploma and above, or pianists performing in concerts.

Pros: Grand pianos produce better tone quality, and allow the pianist to showcase the full potential of the piece they are playing. Usually for classical music, for stage performance or higher grade examinations. Piano teachers who want to upgrade their playing technique and progress to higher levels can consider a grand piano too. 

Cons: It’s big, and will require a huge space. Useful for someone who is skilled in piano playing, otherwise, it will be just a collection.

A Performance On A Grand Piano


The above pianos and keyboards are suitable for beginners to start learning the piano.

A student can start with at least a 61-key keyboard which is more affordable, then upgrade to better pianos in future. 

If you have an upright piano or grand piano, then you can continue using until you finish the grades.

Pianos Or Keyboards Not Suitable For Learning

Below are the pianos or keyboards not recommended and not suitable for learning,

They are more of piano toys than real instrument for learning.

If you want to buy for toddlers and press a few notes for sounds, then the toys are fine. But to learn proper piano playing, they are not suitable.

The keys on the piano toys are too small. Pressing on a flat mat is different from pressing a piano key, and won’t help in proper finger technique. These toys run on batteries, and will ‘go out of tune’ when the batteries are flat.

Some of these toys don’t come cheap. Some cost around $50 to $120. The same amount can get you minimally at 61-key keyboard, and allow you to get started on proper piano playing.


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