Chinese Pop Piano Covers

Listen to your favourite Chinese pop songs on piano, and download the music sheets for free and play them yourself!

Want us to cover your pop song on piano too? Comment your favorite songs here!



一千年以后 A Thousand Years Later by 林俊杰 JJ Lin


蒲公英的约定 Dandelion's Promise by 周杰伦 Jay Chou


煙花易冷 - Fade Away | Piano Cover of Jay Chou周杰倫 (with Music Sheet Included)


她说 - Ta Shuo | Piano Cover of JJ Lin 林俊杰 (with Music Sheet Included)


小酒窝 Little Dimples by 林俊杰 JJ Lin


知足 Contentment by 五月天 Mayday


不將就 - Stubborn Love | Piano cover of 李榮浩 Ronghao Li (with Music Sheet Included)

Which Other Chinese Pop Songs You Like Us To Cover?

Comment below and we may pick your song, and also get the music sheet so you can play as well!


  1. Jenny

    I love One night in Beijing!!

  2. Keith

    I like anime songs; especially songs from Naruto.


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