The Happy Pianist Festival

Guidelines For Contestants

How To Record Your Performance

Recording Guidelines:

1. Prepare your camera for recording.

The recording must show: (*IMPORTANT)
– The contestant from head to toe
– Full view of the piano keys
– Pedal of the piano (*IMPORTANT)
– Head and body should not be blocking the keys (cannot be back view)
– Side view recording is recommended.

2. You can record in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) format.

3. Start by introducing yourself and your piece.

Follow this format:
– Name
– Piece Title
– … for The Happy Pianist Festival. (*IMPORTANT)

You can follow the script below:
Hi, my name is (your name).
Today, I’ll be performing (full title of your piece), for The Happy Pianist Festival.

4. Proceed to perform your piece.

Timing starts when first note is played, and stops once last note is released. 

5. Ensure that the duration of the performance (from first note to last note) is within the stipulated duration for your category. Do Not Exceed Time Limit (*IMPORTANT)

6. Complete the performance, and stop the recording.

7. The entire video has to be recorded from the start to the end with no interruption in between.

1. Any smartphone camera is good enough for recording of the performance.
2. You can perform from memory or with the score.
3. You can do multiple takes of the recording, and send in your best one.
4. Do record on an acoustic piano only. No digital piano or keyboards allowed. (*IMPORTANT)
5. Do record in a quiet environment to minimize any background noise.
6. The camera should be stationary. You can use a camera stand or have someone hold the camera steadily.
7. You can submit any time before the submission deadline.

1. Don’t edit any parts of the video. Only raw video file will be accepted.
2. Don’t use any special mobile apps for recording effects. Plain simple recording will do.
3. Don’t record separately. The self-introduction and performance must be recorded together.

How To Submit Your Performance

Submission Guidelines:

1. Upload your video to any YouTube Account. You can create a free account using your Gmail.

2. Enter the title of the video in the following format: ‘Title of Piece’ by ‘Contestant Name’

“Kuhlau Sonatina in C Major, Op. 20, No.1 by Mark Ng”

3. Set the video privacy to Unlisted or Public.

4. Once video is uploaded, copy the Youtube Link and submit for evaluation.

Submit Your Video Here


Category Criteria

Classical Junior (12 Years Old & Below)


12 years old and below, as of 7th August 2020

Grand Final:

Duration: No more than 5 minutes
Repertoire: Any piece from the Baroque, Romantic or 20th Century. Perform only 1 piece. Jazz influenced classically structured pieces are allowed (eg Gershwin, Kapustin). Prepared Piano is not allowed.
Submission Deadline: 11th December 2020

Classical Senior (13 Years Old to 18 Years Old)


13 years old to 18 years old, as of 7th August 2020

Grand Final:

Duration: No more than 9 minutes
Repertoire: Any piece from the Baroque, Romantic or 20th Century. Prepared Piano is not allowed. Jazz-influenced classically-structured pieces are allowed (eg Gershwin, Kapustin) 
Submission Deadline: 11th December 2020



No age limit. 

Grand Final:

Duration: No more than 6 minutes
Repertoire: You may perform the same piece as the Semi Final, or a different one. Perform 1 piece only.
Submission Deadline: 11th December 2020

Schedule Of Festival



Now to 7th August 2020.

Semi Final Submission

Submit by 30th October 2020


Announcement Of Finalists

On 12th November 2020

Grand Final Submission

Submit by 11th December 2020

Announcement Of Winners

On 18th December 2020


How many rounds are there in this piano competition?

The Little Stars category will have 1 round of competition, with final submission by 30th October.

The Classical Junior, Classical Senior and Pop category will have 2 rounds of competition. Contestants will compete at the Semi Finals and finalists will compete at the Grand Finals.

How much time do I have to prepare my performance?

From now to close of registration on 7th August, you can choose and decide your performance piece.

From 8th August, you have about 12 weeks to prepare and submit your recorded performance for Semi Finals by 30th October.

If you progress to the Grand Finals, you have about 4 weeks to prepare and submit your recorded performance for Grand Finals by 11th December 2020.

Can I perform the piece with the music score, or do I have to play from memory?

You can perform with the music score and will not be penalised. The judging will be based on performance, not memory. You can also choose to play from memory if that helps you perform better.

Do I need to play the entire Sonatina, or just one movement of a Sonatina?

You will only need to perform just one fast movement of a Sonatina. Not the entire Sonatina. Do take note of the stipulated duration for each category.

Can I just use my phone to record my performance?

Yes. You can use a phone or camera to record, as long as the recording is raw, clear, and uninterrupted. The judging will be on the performance of the contestant, not the quality of the recording. Performance recording guidelines will be sent to every contestant upon registration. 

Can I record my performance at home or in a music studio?

Yes. Both are okay. 

What is the dress code for the performance?

No official dress code. You’re encouraged to dress well just like you’re performing for a live stage performance. You’re also encouraged to dress according to the piece you’re performing. Bonus marks may be awarded based on dress code and creativity. 

How many videos can I submit?

Submit only one video. Do not submit multiple video recordings. You can record your performance multiple times, and send in your best one.

Can I resubmit a new video to replace the previous submission?

No, you can’t. We will only accept the first video you submit as your performance. So record your best performance and submit to us!

Can I submit my video before the deadline?

Yes, you can submit your video anytime before the deadline of 30th Oct 2020. 

When will I know the results?

The deadline of video submission is 11th Dec 2020. The judges will be evaluating all performances and announce the results on 18th December 2020. The judges’ decision is final. 

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

You can Whatsapp Mark from The Happy Pianist, at +65 91127056. 

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