Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Amanda

  • Teaching Piano since 2010
  • 12 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Teach beginner to diploma level students
  • Master in Education (Music)(NIE)
  • Bachelor in Arts (Psychology)
  • ABRSM Diploma in Instrumental Teaching (Piano)
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory
  • Teaching Location: Pasir Ris, Tampines, Bartley, Hougang, Serangoon


Hi! I’m Amanda. 

That was me, way back in 1998. I grew up in a non-musical Singaporean family, and being the only 5-year-old child to embark on learning the piano has been the best gift that my parents had given me.

I knew from a young age the joy music brings and the hard work behind perfecting piano skills.

I started out learning at a music centre, and then transit to a home based teacher around the time I started primary school.

My amazing home based teacher, who not only taught me how to play the piano, but was a caring and understanding person that who would ask me about my day and care about my personal life.

She inspired me to not only be a music teacher, but a confidant for students and showed me how I have to constantly improve myself to improve others.

That’s how I became a music teacher at the age of 19. And it’s a journey I still enjoy till today. 

I’ve taught a handful of students who started as beginners with me, and went on to attained both grade 8 practical and theory. 

I love watching the milestones of my students, from being a young child just starting to learn to play the piano, and grow into a young adult who plays Beethoven and Brahms. 

I believe every child learn different, hence I customize my teachings and lessons in a way that suits their learning style. This way, the child learn better and improve faster too. 

I believe that learning music should be about enjoyment, and that graded exams are as important as it is a form of discipline and to get a sense of progress.

Teacher Amanda has been teaching my daughter since she’s in grade 3. My gal is now in grade 8. All these years, Ms Amanda has been a responsible teacher by immediately highlighting and correcting my daughter’s mistake. She also encourages her as she goes along.

I’m very appreciative of the contribution she made in my daughter’s learning journey for the past many years and for her never ceasing effort to ensure that my girl does well not only for her ABRSM exams but also loving piano as a whole.

Felicia, Mother of Student

Teacher Amanda has been teaching my daughter for 8 years, from grade 1 till present. Currently having lessons with her to complete grade 8 practical and theory.

Teacher Amanda has always been punctual for lessons and is very patient with my daughter even though my daughter does not practise often.

She corrects my daughter’s mistake patiently and is always friendly and responsible with her work.

I truly appreciates her ways and techniques of teaching and contributions she made in my daughter’s learning for the past 8 years.

Josephine, Mother of Student

Teacher Amanda has been teaching my boys for a few years now. She has been a very dedicated and patient teacher whom my boys enjoy learning piano from.

Teacher Amanda is able to pick up their strengths and weaknesses in the subject and guide them well.

Sherry, Mother of 2 Boys

Teacher Amanda taught me since primary school, and have gone through stressful periods of my life with me, PSLE, ‘O’ level, and ‘A’ level.

I’m 19 this year and am preparing my trinity diploma exam. She cares for me beyond the responsibilities of a teacher.

I look up to her as a person I can tell my worries and vent my frustrations. She can be strict, but I am grateful that she encourages me to go my very best in everything I do.

I would recommend her if you want your child to enjoy music but also not be too stressed over it.

Emmanuelle, Student


English, Mandarin


  • Sight Reading Training
  • Aural Training
  • Scale Playing Training
  • Music Theory Grade 1 to 8. 
  • Music Theory Fast Track (Take only Grade 5 within 1 year and Grade 8 within 1 year)
  • MEP Music Elective Program and O Level Music Practical Guidance
  • Graded Piano Lessons – ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School
  • Piano Lessons for Adults
  • Piano Lessons for Kids

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