Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Bernadette

  • Teaching Piano since 2000
  • 19 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Certified MOE-AMIS Instructor
  • ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance (Piano Recital)
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory
  • Previously Taught Music in Secondary and Primary Schools
  • Church Pianist/Organist, and Keyboardist for Events 
  • Teaching Location: Central, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Serangoon, Sengkang, Buangkok


Hi, Ms Bernadette here. Let me share a little more about myself.

I’ve been teaching music since 2000, and almost 20 years today, with students ranging from preschoolers to adults, from beginners to Diploma level, specifically in Music Teaching at NAFA.

Over 90% of my students who had taken their graded examinations had scored merit or distinction. During the recent 2018 exams, all the students had scored distinctions.

The feedback that was received from the students were they all had enjoyed the lessons I planned for them. More than 85% of them wanted to pursue a higher level in the programme.

I believe that every student is a unique individual and I customize my lessons to bring out the best of each student.

I adopt a flexible approach to teaching – I am comfortable in helping students with the different Examination Boards namely ABRSM, Trinity College London, Rock School and London College of Music Examinations.

For leisure students, I would customize a learning program to cater to the interest and learning needs so that the student is able to transition to a graded curriculum if he/she wants to.

I also use different activities in my piano classes to engage with the students, and will explain to them how each activity benefit them in their progress. 

I like to have my students explore different genre of music to give them a holistic music education. To help my students learn better, I also use different teaching methods too.  

I used to work as a freelance music trainer, and conducted keyboard, ukulele, pitched instruments and iPad Garageband music lessons to various secondary and primary schools.

I had rendered services as a Lead Trainer for a Digital Visual Disc Jockey (DJ) music programme at Pei Hwa Presbyterian. I’m always keen to learn other instruments and music production techniques to engage and enhance learning in music education.

My music journey started at the age of 6, where I discovered and developed my passion in music.

I was a church organist cum pianist during my youth and am also a current pianist with a church choir. In addition to church masses, I had been invited by family and friends to perform at their weddings and funerals.

I also get to perform in a few large scale performances. I once played as the lead keyboardist in a musical staged for 2 days at the then World Trade Centre and also performed as a pianist at lunch time performances at the then-Ministry of Environment.

As part of my continual quest of learning and upgrading, I am currently pursuing a graded course in vocals and the Licentiate Diploma in Piano Recital. I’m planning to be qualified to teach vocals soon.

I hope to be part of your learning journey as a musician and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

My son has been learning piano since 4 years old. Though he enjoyed music but was not formally taught on music theory and sight reading. Since then, I got in touch with Ms Bernadette through The Happy Pianist.

Ms Bernadette is very dedicated and patient . She is able to assess my boy strength and weakness. Under her guidance, my boy has made considerable improvement in his music theory. 

I am thankful to Ms Bernadette for imparting her enthusiasm onto my boy which  motivates him to go further in this music journey.

Siopeng, Parent of Student

Ms Bernadette is a very dedicated teacher. When I first started out lessons with her, she took down notes on the areas where I could improve in a notebook, which was not something I had expected. These notes reminded me on my mistakes and how I could do better, hence my learning was more efficient.

Before taking the lessons, I was often told by my previous piano teacher that there were a few errors in my technique but I never knew what was wrong and how to correct the mistakes. However, after taking the lessons, my mistakes (sitting posture, how the fingers should be placed) was pointed out by Ms Bernadette and I was able to improve upon it.

I transferred to learn under Ms Bernadette halfway through while preparing for my Grade 5 exam. Previously, I was struggling a lot and I got even more nervous as I was not doing well even though the exam date was drawing nearer. That was the time where I started my piano lessons with Ms Bernadette.

She guided me throughout and gave a lot of advice for me to improve on in all the aspects in Grade 5. This made me more motivated to practise as I did not want to disappoint her. I felt that I was able to constantly improve and with Ms Bernadette’s efforts, I achieved a Distinction for Grade 5.

Piano lessons were always enjoyable for me. Most of the times whenever I want to learn a new song, Ms Bernadette will always demonstrate the piece first and let me listen to how it should be played. It made be very happy because I could listen to songs that I like, or songs that I was learning, live and on the spot.

Hearing the songs made me very happy and when Ms Bernadette was playing, I would think “Ah! She’s so cool!”

Joyce, Student

With Ms Bernadette’s tutelage and guidance, I have improved by leaps and bounds.

Most importantly, she notifies me as what I have to improve, as well as where I have improved and should continue to maintain in terms of the quality of music that I play.

My best achievement is being able to apply what I learnt in class to play in a more musically assured manner than before I started piano lessons, culminating in a high distinction in my recent graded examination.

I am happy and uplifted to be learning with Ms Bernadette. I am able to see myself improve gradually throughout my musical journey and I am eager to continue improving and reach new heights thanks to her teaching.

Gregory, Student

Ms Bernadette patiently explored with Ephraim the music syllabus offered by Rock School. This alternative (as opposed to classical music) was refreshing, exciting and appealing.

Ephraim was hooked on to it!  We were happy with his achievement when he scored distinction for his 1st music exam!  When Ephraim gets to learn his favourite piece during lesson time, he feels motivated and practising the piece became a natural thing!

Ms Pamela, Mother of Student, Ephraim

Since young, I had always wanted to learn the piano. My dream is to be able to play worship songs and hymns that I love. But I did not have the opportunity to do so. It wasn’t until I reach the age of 56 that I started learning the piano. At a friend’s recommendation, I have been taking piano lessons with Bernadette for about two years now.  

In the first two to three months of my lessons, she also helped me to master three Christmas Carols as I wanted to play them in front of a group. Besides Worship Songs, I can now also play musical pieces of other genres such as classical and pop.

I am able to accomplish this only because of the gentle and patient tutelage of Bernadette. She is very patient, always spurring me on with words of encouragement. Never once did she showed irritation when I played below her expectations. Bernadette was also able to make every lesson enjoyable. I always look forward to my next session with her.  

Bernadette is without doubt an excellent, responsible and dedicated teacher. I have accomplished my goal of been able to play hymns, thanks to her. I would highly recommend Bernadette to anyone considering piano lessons, whether young or old.

Loretta, Adult Student


English, Mandarin


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