Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Caryn

  • Over 16 Years Of Teaching Experience
  • Bachelor Degree Of Music (Honours), Majoring in Piano, And Violin as 2nd Instrument
  • Associate Diploma in Music Pedagogy
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Violin
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory
  • Featured On Today’s Parents (Singapore Magazine) On Views Of Early Childhood Music Education
  • Teaching experience including teaching in international school, conducting keyboard ensembles, choir and private music students, and teacher-trainer advising junior teachers as well.
  • Teaching Location: Serangoon, Potong Pasir, Toa Payoh, Bishan, Paya Lebar, Macpherson, and Central areas of Singapore. 


Hi, I’m Caryn and my students greet me as Teacher Caryn. I’ve been teaching music and instrumental piano for 16 years. I obtained a Bachelor of Music (Education) (Hons), majoring in piano and violin as my second instrument. I also hold an Associate Diploma in Music Pedagogy.

I completed my Grade 8 Piano and Violin (Practical and Theory) from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UK (ABRSM) before I was selected into university.

I started music lessons at quite a young age, and I remembered asking my mum to send me for lessons. But my grandma disagreed.
‘My friend’s granddaughter went to learn music and she can’t even play!”

Fortunately, I ‘pester’ my mum long enough and she sent me for lessons. Even though I had my lazy period, I did well. By the time I reached A-levels, I had to choose between doing something practical, like accounting, business management or following my heart and doing music.

My dad wanted me to take the practical route but my mum was very supportive. She said, “study what you love” and gave me the courage to study music in university. My late grandma was very proud and happy to see my success now.

I have been teaching music ever since and I am passionate about creating things that make kids LOVE music and continue their musical journey. After graduation, I had a privilege to teach in an international school as a music teacher in conducting keyboard ensembles and choir.

Later, I worked in a music school as an instrumental teacher and teacher-trainer, teaching individual piano and violin, and group lessons for children as young as 2 years old to adults of various levels.

I was once interviewed by Today’s Parents (Singapore) on views of early childhood music education and was published in October 2007.

From time to time, I conduct music workshops for young children aged 3 to 6 years old. In 2019, I conducted a music workshop for a community event, Music Day Out at Singapore Botanic Garden.

I love to teach children and I accept students as young as 4 years old for individual lessons. I created my own teaching props to guide young children in their learning. I had pregnant mummies as my short-termed piano students because they wanted to have music time with the child in the womb, singing nursery rhymes and playing simple tunes.

I also had adult students who wanted to learn for leisure or learning together with their children or only for a certain pop song. I do prepare students for ABRSM Practical and Theory exams from Prep Test to Diploma level, as well as concert or recital and competitions.

I make appropriate selection of teaching methods to encourage and stimulate interest in budding learners and selection of more technical and challenging pieces for advanced students. I also give advice to parents and students on effective ways to practice and customise according to the students’ schedules.

I believe the exposure of variety pieces and genres of music could enhance knowledge of music. I hope to develop the musical growth and talent of every student in an encouraging and friendly way.

I believe all of us are born with music inside of us. We just need someone to bring it out.

What I mean by that is: every kid is born with a musical talent, and it’s up to us teachers to surface it.

Everything we do relates to music… dance, movement… even swimming and walking has a rhythm to it. Everything in life involves music. It’s the pulse of life, so subconsciously, we all understand music. As a teacher, I offer guidance to children so they can discover their musical talent.

Music learning is a long journey so do enjoy the path of it!

Teacher Caryn is always passionate about teaching and she truly cares for her students. She is easy to converse with and very patient. Whenever I had doubts, she never failed to provide useful advice to me. I have been learning piano for over 10 years. Throughout the years, of learning the piano, I have picked up the proper techniques and useful knowledge in playing the piano from teacher Caryn.

I truly enjoyed her classes and she increased my interest in playing the piano. Her classes are always interesting as I get to learn a wide variety of songs, ranging from classical period music to modern pop songs.

Also, I have learnt piano theory from teacher Caryn. The knowledge I have learned from theory helped me to understand and appreciate piano pieces better. After completing my Grade 8 examination few months ago, I have decided to continue to play the piano as a leisure activity on my own since it helps to relax my mind.

Ann, Student

Thank you Caryn for making the lessons so interesting. I can feel Megan is starting to enjoy it truly. And you really have a way with kids of any age! And you hit the nail on what she likes. Thanks for the effort!

Parent of Megan

Thank you Teacher Caryn! Ariel has been enjoying her lessons for the past two years and we are very grateful to you for your kind guidance and patience!

Parent of Ariel

Teacher Caryn, I would like to thank you for the efforts that you’ve put in for the performance on Sunday! Charlotte was so much more cheerful and happier after the performance. We saw how her confidence rose up after the past incidents. This really helps Charlotte get back on her feet on stage after her previous stumble. Teacher Caryn, you’re so thoughtful to include her sister in the performance. The girls had a great time bonding together while practising their duet. Thank you very much!

Parent of Charlotte


English, Mandarin, Cantonese


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