Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Gail

  • Teaching since 2019
  • 3+ Years Teaching Experience
  • Currently Pursuing Diploma in Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 6 Music Theory
  • ABRSM Grade 6 Double Bass
  • Experienced performing with NUS Symphony Orchestra & Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra (Double Bass)
  • Teaching Location: Bukit Timah


Hi, I am Ms Gail a piano teacher who works with kids & adults 6 years to 50+ years. I teach on a beautiful grand piano in my home studio, and I believe that everyone should enjoy what they do, including learning the piano

I enjoy helping students to love learning & want to be their best self. And all my activities are designed to spark student’s curiosity & help them play pieces in the fastest & easiest way possible.  

In my role as a piano teacher, I seek to understand and unlock how a student thinks, as well as what motivates them.

When I can understand each student’s needs and desires, we can work together to learn & grow in the direction that sparks their love for learning.

I find that this approach is refreshing for learners of all ages as it’s not the way that we’re taught even in school.

Jonas, Finalist Happy Music Festival 2021 (Classical Intermediate)

For goal oriented & ambitious students, I would send them for exams & piano competitions.

For shy students, I would work with them to increase their confidence & self-esteem. To get students to love music, I would share with them the stories & histories behind pieces, and the science of how sound works.

In our time together, students would:

  • Grow to love the piano
  • Participate in Quarterly Zoom recitals
  • Participate in external exams, festivals, competitions
  • Work towards personalised Learning Challenges & Awards

I look forward to helping you reach your piano goals!



“Gail is a highly engaging and competent music teacher. She is able to reach her student at their level and age. Her bubbly, effervescent personality is infectious and comes across even through ZOOM sessions during the COVID period.

My daughter has enjoyed her classes tremendously since she started with her over a year ago. Unlike many piano students I have known, she has never dreaded her next class but instead is always looking forward to yet another fun and exciting lesson.

Today my daughter is able to play expressively and evidently enjoys making music on the piano. These I feel are some of the true hallmarks of a music teacher of distinction.”

Lih Woon

Parent of Qinn Ann, 10

I am an adult learner and have absolutely no music background but I decided to pick it up as it has always been something I wanted to do since young. I got linked up with Gail through a piano teacher’s matching portal last year after I got myself a piano and started on this learning journey. It has been a very pleasant and fun learning experience with Gail for the past 12 months, her classes are often light-hearted largely due to her bubbly personality. Gail adopts different approaches to help me to learn. She is very patience and encouraging, often try different ways to explain and help me understand. She is also always ready to give the extra time, to provide guidance and address any questions that I have. It is easy for me to just bounce off any thoughts or discuss with her what is achievable for me to do. I am grateful to have her as my teacher as she is a key person who have help me through this piano learning journey. I always enjoy my classes with her and I look forward to continue my learning with her!  
Yu Cheng

Adult Learner

I would like to express how thankful we are for having Gail as our teacher for Kaylee and Kelsea. Having kids focus on something that takes a lot of repetition is extremely difficult. Gail has made learning the piano fun for the children and keeps them very engaged.
We started off previously with a teacher that was extremely strict and would be forceful with the children. Eventually they began to dread their classes and would cry with the teacher at every lesson. We decided to make a change.
We heard about Gail through some other parent recommendations and decided to give her a try. She was instantly a hit. She was able to work with the children to make piano fun. They truly enjoy practicing on the side so that they can show her that they progressed for her before the next scheduled lesson. What more could a parent ask for.
The kids have been under her tutelage for over a year now and still enjoy learning. We are very pleased with their growth as it has helped them also expand into other instruments as well.
We highly recommend Gail for anyone who wants to learn the piano.

Parent of Kaylee & Kelsea

Parent Aileen commented how their kids enjoy performing for the recital by Ms Gail. 


Parent of Yu En & Yu Xuan

“Ms Gail has been teaching piano lessons to my daughters for more than a year now. She is an excellent teacher who connects with her students at deeper level and cater to their individual learning styles.

She makes the class full of fun and both my girls look forward to their weekly class. She has invoked the natural curiosity about music by telling them stories and emotions behind songs.

She has brought the girls closer to the instrument where they practice everyday without anyone reminding them. And that to me only few teachers are capable of doing – bringing students closer to the subject.”


Father of daughters age 5 and 9

“Ms Gail is a passionate teacher with a lot of patience. She is capable to teach students at all ages.

Myself starts learning piano at 30’s. I found her lesson very inspiring. I do enjoy her teaching.

My two girls also learn from her since 4 yo. She is teaching them to appreciate the beauty of music instead of focusing on exams. I am very glad to see my girls enjoy playing piano and practice daily with little resistance.”


Achieved Grade 3 High Distinction in 2021


English, Mandarin


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