Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Joyce

  • 6 Years Of Teaching Experience
  • ABRSM Diploma In Piano Performance
  • ABRSM Grade 8 In Pratical (ABRSM)
  • ABRSM Grade 8 In Theory (ABRSM)
  • Currently Pursing Licentiate of Trinity College London In Piano Performance (LTCL)
  • Performed As Choir Pianist and Jazz Pianist
  • Teaching Location: Home Studio At Marina Bay


Ms Joyce holds a Diploma in piano performance from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and a ABRSM Grade 8 in theory. She has had 5 years of experience teaching in music schools and has been teaching privately since. Today, she conducts piano lessons in her home studio, on a grand piano. 

She is currently pursuing her Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) in piano performance under the tutelage of Josephine Koh, a Bösendorfer concert pianist based in Singapore. She has performed as a choir pianist for the Foo Hai Ch’an monastery at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and Kallang Theatre and as a jazz pianist at the now closed Borders Bookstore.

Joyce sees every student as an individual with unique strengths and abilities and has been successful in bringing them out. She customizes lessons for students to maximise enjoyment and to invoke greater interest in piano learning.

She is also able to give detailed explanations and demonstrations to help students overcome difficulties in playing tricky parts and has seen confidence build up in students when they achieve what they thought they couldn’t as a result.

She enjoys teaching different genres of music- classical, pop, contemporary and jazz, and students showcase this variety at the annual recital.

Joyce likes playing duets with her students. She finds that they enjoy duets very much and playing duets helps them improve their sense of rhythm and listening.

She takes pride in note reading at the beginner level and though it can be a little uphill at the start, the rewards are bountiful when students gain the ability to sightread and play any score they are exposed to later on.

She always puts students in performance mode and prepares them to play for an audience, in recordings and ultimately live.

For more advanced students, her focus is on portraying the different moods in the pieces, engaging both body and soul, and if possible, training technically so fingers and hands can do some amazing “stunts”.

Joyce believes that first and foremost, a connection must be made between teacher and student before anything can be taken in by the student to be flourished. She also believes in energy and positivity because ultimately her goal is happiness in some way for the student.

Joyce is motivated by the endorphins and adrenalin produced by making music. It encourages her to see how learning the piano makes lives better giving hope and a glimpse of heaven.

She feels blessed that she is able to teach something so human in the world relying on artificial intelligence more and more each day.

For children who have good ears but lesser visual ability, Joyce would keep them going by using the Suzuki method. She would also extend students interests in composing and transcribing piano music using theory knowledge and use of computer software.

She will however not insist on dry technical drills and endless homework because she feels that takes the magic out of learning the piano.

Ms Joyce also contributed an article, titled “Symphony Of Life, An Essence Of Piano Playing“. 

“We moved to Singapore at the beginning of the year, Joyce was recommended to us by a friend. She is patient, and very good at explaining techniques in a way kids can understand. My kids really enjoy learning piano with Joyce.”

Mother of Annabelle Dyer (9 years old) and Rose Dyer (5 years old)

Ms joyce is a very knowledgeable teacher who tries her best to hone my piano skills and at the same time helps me to identify the areas I need more improvement in. Not only she teaches how to play piano but also how to express yourself through music. Most importantly she is relentless in her pedagogy efforts and is a very kind and polite person.

Arshia Bains

Joyce is a passionate piano teacher who makes her lessons interesting by letting me choose pieces that i want to learn. She gives her students Rhapssody magazine periodically to spark our interest in music. She is also patient during lessons, to explain and improve my technique. I look forward to piano lessons with her 🙂

Hui En

Joyce is an encouraging and patient teacher who has been happy to help me improve as an adult learner. She has an extraordinary attention to detail a thorough appreciation and understanding for the nuances of classical music.

Jake Maxwell Watts

Joyce is a dedicated and cheerful teacher. She has receptive teaching method. Her piano is a mechanical type and I love its sound. I am very happy in every piano lesson even though learning piano is not easy.

Pham Manh

Ms Joyce is a very experienced teacher who has been teaching the piano for a long time. She is patient and has high attention to detail. I started off a novice and thanks to her encouragement, I’ve picked up jazz and contemporary pieces over the past few months.


An experienced teacher who is extremely patient with her students and is not only skilled at playing the piano, but also teaching pieces.

Sophia Cai

As a child, I’ve always envied my neighbour being able to play the piano so I would stand outside his house to listen. My daughter signed me up for Joyce’s lesson. It was definitely not easy but I managed to play simple songs with her patience and guidance just after 4 lessons. I’m so proud of myself. I hope to learn more songs. I’m a living proof that the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is wrong. 😁😆😃

Alice Ng

Joyce is awesome. She has great attitude and has been very patient in teaching me the piano. She has the ability to make one feel comfortable in their ability and challenging me to be better. The thing I like about Joyce is she doesn’t make you feel bad about your mistakes. She’s ready to help and support you. I would highly recommend Joyce. She makes the lessons fun and challenging.

Serene Peters


English, Mandarin


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