Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Ku Zhen Wei

  • Over 20 years of teaching experience
  • Diploma in Music LTCL (Trinity College London)
  • Diploma in Music ATCL (Trinity College of London)
  • Diploma in Music (Yamaha Music Academy)
  • Yamaha Grade 4 Teaching Certificate
  • Yamaha Piano Grade 4 Full Certificate
  • Yamaha Electone Grade 6
  • ABRSM Piano Grade 8 Practical
  • ABRSM Piano Grade 8 Theory
  • Students achieved 100% rate in exams
  • Teaching Location: Home Studio at Sengkang


Hello, I am Ms Zhen Wei. I have been teaching piano for the past 20 years.

Like most music learners, I started my music learning as a child, and progressed up the levels. Till date, I hold a Diploma in Music LTCL and ATCL, from Trinity College of London, Grade 8 in Piano and Grade 8 in Theory.


I started my music teaching career with Yamaha and have been with them, conducting group and individual classes for students there. Over the years, I’ve also attained Yamaha Grade 4 Teaching Certificate.

So far, I’ve taught students from 4 years old onwards, for leisure and for exams. And I’m glad to say my students have achieved 100% passing rate in their exams.


Before I start any lessons, I’ll communicate with parents and the children first, to design a progression plan for the children based on their abilities. This will help the kids to learn well, and achieve milestones at the right pace.

I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, and what keeps me going, is the joy to see my students learning and loving music. It makes me happy when my students enjoy playing the piano, and motivated to learn more pieces to increase their repertoire.


Currently, I’m also doing lessons at my home in Sengkang. See you at my class!


Under Ms Ku’s guidance, my child has developed a greater interest in his music exploration. Ms Ku’s structured music curriculum and teaching approach has help to sustain my child interest and adapt to his learning pace. He is constantly exploring his music world and challenges himself to create music. Music enhances on one’s creativity and I hope that he embraces it and expand his imagination.

Mrs Soh

Parent of Child, Aden

邱贞玮老师对于儿童的钢琴学习有一套独特的方法,不仅因材施教,而且非常会鼓励和引导孩子继续朝着更高的目标努力。我的女儿跟随邱老师学钢琴已有一年多的时间,从group class到individual class,进步非常大,可以说是突破了好几个瓶颈期,而且邱老师让我女儿对练琴保持极大的兴趣和信心,继续前进。有过硬的专业知识,又有很好的耐心和和蔼可亲的态度,这就是我们选择并相信邱老师的原因。

Translated: Ms Ku has a unique way of teaching piano, as she is very encouraging in guiding kids to work towards higher achievements. My daughter has followed Ms Ku for more than a year, from group class to individual class. She has made tremendous improvements, and developed a keen interest and confidence in practice and performance. Ms Ku’s professional knowledge, patience, and her friendliness are the reasons we chose her as our teacher. 

王太太, Mrs Wang

Ms. Ku has been my daughter’s Yamaha music teacher since April 2019 and individual piano teacher for the past six months. My daughter enjoyed taking lessons from Ms. Ku during the Yamaha music class period, with her warm and consistently positive approach. She imparts her enthusiasm and passion to music onto her students in the class. She is very friendly and always encouraging my daughter in an appropriate way.

Then we decided to take Ms. Ku’s individual class from January 2020. It turns out to be a right decision since we can see my daughter is progressing and able to play quite a few beautiful melodies. Ms. Ku also plans properly for the homework and clearly communicates to my daughter, which helps parents a lot, especially for us since we do not know music very much.

Recently during the Circuit Period, Ms. Ku follows up with my daughter closely on her assignments and records demo session for practicing. We appreciate Ms. Ku’s professionalism, patience and kindness and would love to continue the journey of the music.

Min Huang


English, Mandarin


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