How To Turn Your Passion In Music Teaching To A Full-Time Career, Acquire More Private Students, Increase Your Income… In The Next 6 Months Or Less.

Once you learn and master these skills, you’ll be able to constantly acquire students at above market rates… with the current music qualifications you already have.

In the Music Educators Bootcamp, Mark taught piano teachers the business aspects of getting more students.

Apart from relying on recommendations and Happy Pianist to get me students, Mark shared strategies that allow me to get students myself.

Mark’s “10 Quick Action Steps” helped me to get started easily. Excellent tips and guidance were given. Since my computer skills is lacking, Mark helped me a lot too. That’s a practical bonus to me.🙏🙏

And for Ms Phebe, thanks to your illustration of note values with the legos which was new to me at the bootcamp. My granddaughter had big legos and I showed her how to count the rhythm.

She’s 4 years old and understood. She taught her mum what she learnt. Her mum was surprised that legos can be used to teach music!!

The Music Educators Bootcamp is highly recommended for freelance private piano teachers in search of students. 👍👍

Ms Monica

Piano Teacher

Hi Mark and Phebe, for the Music Educators Bootcamp, I’d give a 5/5 review. Thank you!

Ms Bernadette

Piano Teacher

Thank you Mark for getting me started on my music educator’s journey with more ease! Mark is very prompt in replies and has matched numerous students to me.

I recently attended his music educator’s program and has gotten many useful insights on how to grow my career as a music educator.

Mark has been a dream to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn piano or starting out to teach. THANK YOU! 🙂

Ms Fion

Piano Teacher

Attended the Music Educator’s Bootcamp organised by The Happy Pianist and it led me to think about my teaching methods as a music educator as a whole and how i can improve on my current teaching.

There is never an end to learning, teachers have to keep learning too! It was a successful and insightful workshop and I will continue strive to become a better teacher!

Ms Jie Ying

Piano Teacher

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