My 1st Piece Digital Piano


Realistic Piano Tone(s) + 100 instruments 88 Graded Hammer Action Keys

3 Levels Touch Sensitivity & 8 Levels Reverberation

Rhythm, Transpose, Metronome, Record and Play Functions

Volume Control and Silent Play Connecting To Headphone

3 Pedals - Sustain Pedal, Sostenuto Pedal and Soft Pedal

Dimension Measuring Length 135cm x Width 40cm

Package includes a Digital Piano, 2-seater storage bench, and 3 years warranty

A Quality And Affordable Digital Piano To Kick Start Your Piano Learning Journey

You Can Rent Or Own A My 1st Piece Digital Piano Today

And our Happy Pianist students can get one at a special price!

My 1st Piece Digital Piano is our first choice for digital pianos for kids and adult students to kick start their piano learning journey. It is a quality alternative to a classical upright, and affordable for all to get started.

You can start by owning or renting one.

Our Happy Pianist students qualify for special rates for purchase and rental too!

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