Why Parents Should Learn Music Along With Their Child

It is a joy to see your child pick up piano playing, and seeing him or her performing for you one day.

But what’s even better?

You, the parent to be able to play alongside your child too!

Watch this video to find out why you should play duet with your child.

Playing duets with your kids is another way to motivate them in their music learning journey.

Simply because music is more fun when you have someone to play with!

Just like playing computer games.

Playing yourself is fun, but you will reach a stage where you want to achieve more.

That is why you play against competitors in your game.

That is why you partner with someone to form a team against others.

Similarly in music, playing duets with your child allow you to build the rapport between you and your child.

And your child will also find meaning in learning music! To be able to play nice songs together with you.

To be able to play duets with your child, you have to first know how to play music too.

You can pick up the same instrument as them – going for adult piano lessons.

Or you can choose to learn other instruments too, like violin, guitar, cello, and singing as well.

Once you learn it well, you and your child can play fun duets with friends too!

Learning And Playing The Piano Should Be Fun!

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