Piano Accompaniment in Singapore

Looking For An Experienced Piano Accompanist To Ace Your Performance?

Be it piano accompaniment for voice, violin, flute, trumpet or any instruments… for exams, auditions, or any performance… our piano accompanists can help you!

IMPORTANT: A piano accompanist can make or break your performance!

Piano accompanists not only have to know how to play the piano, but to play as an accompanist, which is to support the main performer, You. Their role is not to stand out, but to support the main musician to help him/her shine on stage.

At The Happy Pianist, we worked with a pool of piano teachers who are proficient in piano teaching, as well as, accompanying musicians for music exams, auditions, or any performances.

Our pianists can do piano accompaniment for…

  • Piano Duet
  • Singing
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Band
    … and any other performance where you need a piano accompanist!

Plus, if you’re looking for a piano accompanist for music exams (ABRSM/Trinity College), they can also prepare you for:

1. Piano accompaniment for exam pieces
To help you excel in the pieces with the piano supporting you in the background.

2. Aural Exam
To prepare you to score well for the aural section for the examination

3. Sight Singing
To train your listening and singing skills which will be tested in the exam too.

Performances With Piano Accompanists

Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance do I need to book the Piano Accompanist?

Please book for your piano accompanist as early as you can, preferably at least 1 month in advance. This will help in scheduling practice sessions and sufficient time to practice for the final performance.

For students who are preparing for exams, we recommend at least 4 practice sessions are required before actual exam day.

Furthermore, if you need a piano accompanist for music exam, please book early as it is difficult to get a piano accompanist nearer to exam date (because all other exam students are looking as well!)

How much are the fees?

The fees will depend on the type of accompaniment (performance or examination), the difficulty level (experience required by the teacher), and also preparation time to date of performance (the shorter the time for preparation, the higher the fees).

Simply fill in the form below to get a quotation.

How much do I have to pay The Happy Pianist for helping me find a piano accompanist?

FREE. Yes. As the student/musician, you don’t have to pay anything. No admin fee. No registration fee.

The fees will be paid directly to the piano accompanist, and they will share a small % with us. No extra charge for you.

How many practice sessions can I have with the pianist?

We recommend at least 4 practice sessions. However, you can take more than four sessions to help you gain confidence to perform better on actual day. Fees will be charged by the number of sessions you had. The actual day performance, or recording session will count as a session fee.

Do I have to provide piano accompaniment scores?

If you’re taking ABRSM music exams, the piano accompaniment scores will be provided with your main score. Simply pass to the pianist will do. For other performances, it is recommended if you have the accompaniment section. Our pianists are also able to prepare their own parts, but will be chargeable.

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