Looking For Professional Piano Movers in Singapore?

Are you looking for a professional piano mover to move your precious piano safe and sound?

Whether it is to move into your new home, another place, or for a special event, let our professional piano movers do it for you!

Pianos cannot be moved by normal movers who move your furniture. Piano are delicate instruments which require specialised and trained piano movers to handle with care.

Upright piano, baby grand piano, concert piano… you name it. We have moved them before.

Move Your Piano Now!

(With The Happy Pianist Special Offer!)

We want to help you get your piano to your desired location by our qualified and experienced piano movers in Singapore, in time for your kids or adult lessons, or any events you have.

Piano moving services may cost hundreds of dollars, some with unknown hidden costs as well.

At The Happy Pianist, we want to be upfront and transparent about the piano moving fees.

For a limited time only, we are offering a special deal for all our Happy Pianist customers.

Special Offer: 

1) Digital Piano Moving: $100/-

2) Upright Piano Moving: $120/-

3) Baby Grand 5’3” Moving: $350/-

All piano moving services include: :

  • Specialised equipment to move and load the piano
  • Special packing to protect piano while moving
  • Manpower required

Additional charges:
1. Carry through 3 or more steps of staircase.
(No extra charges if pick-up and drop-off locations are have access to lift at same level.)

2. Working before or after operation hours
Piano moving operating hours is from Monday to Saturday between 9am-5pm. Any moving done outside of operating hours incur additional costs.

Simply fill in the form below with your specific request, and we will get back to you with a final quotation!

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    1. Why piano moving costs more than normal transport moving?

    Piano moving is different from normal moving like your furniture, TV set or cupboard. Piano is a delicate instrument, which require specialised and trained piano movers to handle with care. Special equipment might be used sometimes.

    Yes, professional piano movers do cost more, but you can be sure that your piano will reach your desired location safe and sound. Why risk your precious piano which may worth tens of thousands of dollars… just to save a few dollars?  

    2. Why is there additional costs if there’s a need to move the piano through 3 or more steps of stair case?

    There’s no additional costs if pick-up and drop-off locations have access to lift at same level.

    Piano moving is risky when carry up stairs or manoeuvring tight turns, and will require additional manpower and equipment to execute the move safely and successfully. Hence, the increase in costs.

    3. How many days early should I plan the piano moving?

    It is highly recommended to make your piano moving reservation days in advance (as early as you can). Our moving schedule is quite packed, and we want to ensure you get your piano moved at your desired timing. Urgent last minute assignments may incur additional costs.

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