This Teachers’ Day… Tune Your Piano With This Special Offer!

Are you looking for a piano tuner to your old piano so you can start playing it again?

…or to ‘freshen up’ your beloved piano to make it sound nicer?

…or to tune it so you can sell it at a higher price?

All pianos go out of tune, regardless if you play it or not. Especially in Singapore, where its temperature and humidity varies, pianos get out of tune every few months.

That is why if your playing doesn’t sound right on the piano, it may not be your playing. It could be that your piano is out of tune!

Furthermore, regular piano tuning and maintenance is required to upkeep your expensive piano to ensure it in good health for decades. (Yes, decades-old pianos can sound perfectly new if they are well-maintained!)

It can be more expensive to fix your piano if certain parts are damaged due to lack of maintenance.

Piano Tuning Services

All pianos, regardless of the brands, must be tuned by trained professional piano tuners.

A piano tuner is able to help you:

  • Tune the piano strings
  • Replace of strings
  • Raise the pitch
  • Clean the interior and exterior of piano
  • Maintenance to avoid accumulation of dusts

Get Your Piano Tuned Now! (With Special The Happy Pianist Offer!)

We want to help your piano get tuned by qualified and experienced piano tuners in Singapore. Good piano tuning services in Singapore may cost $100 or more, but for a limited time only, we are offering a special deal for all our The Happy Pianist customers.

Teacher’s Day Special Offer (Offer Ends 3rd Sept 2017)

$75: Basic Tuning for Upright Piano – Including FREE Internal & External Piano Cleanup

$115: Basic Tuning for Grand Piano – Including FREE External Piano Cleanup


Additional services:

  • Pitch Raise
  • Replacement of strings
  • Piano assessment (for buying or selling of pianos)

If you require more than the basic tuning service, a final quotation will be given after assessing your piano.

Simply fill in the form below with your specific request, and we will get back to you with a quotation! (Submit your request now to get your special offer!)

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