Where Should You Place The Piano At Home?

Should you put the piano in your study room? In the living room? Or does it really matter?

If your child is learning the piano, and you want him to practice regularly on his own … yes!

It does matter where you put your piano!

Watch this video to find out why. 

Placing the piano at the right place allows the student to practice the piano without distraction.

If piano is placed very near the TV, and if someone is watching the TV, this will distract the student while practicing.

Everyone has mood. Musicians has mood too.

There are days we feel like practicing, but there are days we just don’t feel like playing anything.

So we can help students, especially younger ones by providing them a conducive place to practice and play the piano.


2-hour long practice is not effective

To make practice effective, avoid getting the child to practice long hours non-stop. 2 hours sitting on the piano can tire the child out.

Bite-size is better. For lower grades students, they can do 15-minute practice, stop. Then another 15-minute practice, stop. Then another 15-minute practice.

A total of 45-minute practice, with breaks in between. This will be more helpful.


Decorate your piano!

You can also decorate your piano by displaying photos of your performance, grading certificates, festival awards.

During the journey of music learning, students will feel down, they will lose confidence, they will feel they are not good enough.

By displaying photos of their performance and awards will help remind the students of their achievements, and motivate them further during down times.

Learning And Playing The Piano Should Be Fun!

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