Piano Practice Tutor

Would you like your child to progress faster up the piano grades, but struggle to keep up with regular practice? 

Let our Piano Practice Tutors help you!

Regular practice is important if you want your child to complete Grade 8 ABRSM fast (especially before 12 years old), or prepare for Secondary School DSA Admission, or excel in music competitions. 

But if you don’t have music knowledge to guide your child at home, or don’t have the time to monitor his practice, or unsure if he is even practicing correctly… his progress will be affected. 

Our Practice Tutor can help your child work on his practice on other days of the week, so that your Main Piano Teacher can focus on teaching him new pieces and techniques on lesson day to help him progress further. 

Why A Practice Tutor With The Happy Pianist?

Keep Up Progress With Main Teacher

The Practice Tutor will work on the practices given by your main teacher, so your child will be ready for class and progress forward

Ensure Correct Practice

Our Practice Tutors are certified by international music examination boards, and will ensure your child is practicing correctly as instructed by your main teacher. 

Instill Discipline

Regular, intentional, and correct practices by the Practice Tutor will help your child build up discipline and commitment towards piano learning. 

Free Up Your Time & Schedule

You don’t have to spend time monitoring your child’s practice, or even learn music yourself in order to guide. Let the Practice Tutor handles for you. 

No Minimum Commitment

You can start with just one practice session a week, or more if you need. No long term commitment. Stop anytime you wish!

Conducted At Your Convenience

Prefer sessions done at home, or online? Conducted during the day or night? Flexible timings each week? All can be arranged!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I engage a practice tutor if my child is learning in a music school?

Yes, you can still engage a Practice Tutor to help your child in his practice, regardless he’s learning in a music school or private lessons.

I need a Practice Tutor to follow the notes given by my Main Piano Teacher. Is it possible?

Yes. The Practice Tutor will work on the practice and homework given by the Main Piano Teacher to your child. 

How long is a practice session?

Practice session can be 45min or 1 hour long, depending on the grade level of the student. Generally, higher grade students will need longer duration as the pieces are longer. 

My child is not aiming to take any grading now, but I want him to progress faster. Can I engage a Practice Tutor?

Yes you can. The Practice Tutor can still help your child work on his daily practices so he can learn new pieces with your main teacher each lesson.

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