Qualities of A Great Piano Teacher

You want your child to learn piano, and you know that the first step is to find a qualified teacher that can help him. 

But, how do you do that? You want that first step to be in the right direction.

  • How do you know who is a good teacher
  • How do you know who is the best teacher
  • How do you know who is the best teacher for your kid?

That’s an often overlooked, but excellent question. It is not just about what he has done, but about what he can do for your child in particular. 

Let’s have a look at what makes a great teacher.

Balance Between Playing Qualification and Teaching Experience

It is important that a teacher has real-world playing experience. There are too many people today (especially on YouTube) that barely know how to play themselves, and still, they have the nerve to share their “knowledge” with the world. That is a dangerous thing because they are propagating technical notions that are completely useless in the real world. Be wary of these individuals and make sure they are themselves players.

Having said that, they don’t have to be virtuosos or even full-time professionals. What they need is some teaching experience.


A teacher needs to be patient. What comes easy for them, because of their years of experience, may take the student a while to grasp. Similarly, they may have to change their approach if it doesn’t get results. They should always think about what’s best for their pupils at their current level. Their ego must stay out of the room.


A teacher must be a great communicator. He needs to transmit his knowledge in a way that is comprehensible for the child. They must introduce new concepts one by one, making sure it makes sense and that it is helpful for the pupil at that exact moment. Too much information can hurt as much (or even more) than too little information. 

They also need to listen to the child, both verbally and non-verbally, so they understand their obstacles and frustrations, and they can help overcome them. A teacher is a guide that keeps them on track, but lets them make their own discoveries.

Communication also means knowing how to talk with you, the parent. After all, they only see your child for a few hours a week at most, the rest of the time, it’s on you.

Help The Teacher, Help Your Child

You have to communicate with the teacher, but you also need to let him do his job. You could, for example, ask to sit in for a lesson, so you understand better how it all works, but keep in mind some teachers prefer to maintain a safe space where the kid can relax and open up to self-expression, and another authority figure, other than themselves, can be a source of stress. 

You need to keep the balance between caring for your child and letting them grow.

Remember how I told you the teacher acts as a guide? That’s what you should do as well. With the help of your teacher, join your child in their practice to help them and encourage them. Be participative, but don’t be pushy. Let them take their time. The important thing is that they enjoy the activity, and they become a better version of themselves because of it.

It is a long journey. When you look for a teacher, think long-term. When you hire them, let them do their job. Be encouraging every step of the way, and let your child find their way. 

We have a big list of qualified, expert teachers for you to try. Have a look and get in touch, we will help you every step of the way.

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