Which Is Better for Your Child: Violin or Piano?

Choosing an instrument for your child can seem like a daunting task. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. For this guide we have chosen Violin and Piano as the main alternatives. They are both great as an entry point to the fascinating world of music. 

We will show you the most important thing to take into account when picking the right instrument. But before that you should learn a bit about them.

Similarities between the violin and the piano

  • Popular: They are popular instruments that can produce melodies of hit songs, so students can have fun playing music they love.
  • Genres: They both are used in every genre of classical, folkloric or modern music
  • Coordination: They both train your hand coordination. This is good for the brain and it transfers to both school and real world skills.
  • Music: They are an excellent introduction to music. It has been proven scientifically that they improve spatial reasoning and math skills for children.

Differences between the violin and the piano

  • Price: pianos are expensive in general. Nowadays you can find electronic keyboards that are more affordable (but don’t go too cheap or it can affect your touch). A beginner’s violin is much cheaper, and they are good enough to start learning how to produce musical tones.
  • Size: pianos are traditionally a big instrument. Like in the previous point, electronic keyboards have solved this problem for you if you don’t have enough room. Violins are portable, you can carry yours anywhere, even when you go on holidays.
  • Learning curve: Piano is beginners friendly. You don’t need to learn any special technique to make a sound, you just press a key with one finger. You get immediate feedback. Violin has a steeper learning curve. You need to learn the proper technique with a teacher if you want to produce a pleasant sound.

Advantages of the piano

  • Theory: The piano is laid out in a logical sequence that helps learn and interiorize music theory.
  • Harmony: It is great for accompanying because it’s easy to form chords and harmonize melodies.
  • Songwriting: The previous two points are what make the piano the perfect instrument for songwriting.

    Advantages of the violin

    • Ears: It forces you to use your ears from day one, so it is an incredible aid to ear training. It takes some effort at the beginning, but the benefits of a finely tuned ear are worth it.
    • Touch: you have to develop a very sensitive touch to make it sound good, which is good for dynamics and musical awareness.
    • Strings: The skills you master with the violin can transfer pretty easily to any other string instrument.

      The Most Important Thing

      Having fun! Your child needs to learn the instrument that they like the most. They are going to play it for a long time, so they should pick one that interests them from the get go. The ideal thing to do would be to let them try both, and see what they fancy. If they do it this way they will have inherent motivation that will help them thrive.

        No matter what you decide, let us help you and your child get the most out of it. At the Happy Pianist we offer Piano lessons for every skill level. Similarly, check out the Happy Violinist if Violin is your instrument of choice. Start on the right foot by letting professionals with a great track record help your kid grow as a musician from day one.


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