Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms June

  • Teaching since 2014
  • 7 years of teaching experience
  • LTCL Diploma in Piano Performance
  • ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance (Distinction)
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Theory
  • Previously with Yamaha Music School and Cristofori Music School
  • Previously taught music in an international school
  • Conducted music group lessons and music games for young children
  • Teaching Location: Pasir Ris, Tampines, Simei, Tanah Merah, Bedok


Ms June started her teaching career with various music schools in Singapore, including Cristofori Music School, Yamaha Music School, before going into full-time private teaching in 2021.

Her experience with teaching students of various age group, from young kids, to teenagers to adults, has helped her to customise lessons according to the needs and interests of every student, so that lessons won’t be rigid and mundane.

For young children, she likes to teach easy yet enjoyable songs with chord accompaniment (nursery rhymes/disney songs) so that they will enjoy what they play as well, and in the meantime, learn about chord progression too.

For more advanced students, she will usually teach them challenging pieces, or even their favorite songs that they can play and sing together.

She also teaches classical and contemporary music, with a wide range of repertoire across various music periods.

This will help students improve their musical knowledge, and increase their playing capability for different music pieces.

Exams or not, Ms June believes in having a holistic music education, with the student learning with a strong basic foundation in piano playing, as well as listening and vocal skills.

This will allow them to excel in exams, and more importantly, excel in any pieces they play.

Ms June is also known to be a patient and caring teacher, with experience teaching students with autism and hyperactiveness, with them completing ABRSM exams successfully, despite certain disabilities.

As long the student is willing, she will be there to support them in their music journey.

Ms June also hold annual recitals so that students can have a chance to perform and showcase their talents and handwork, and also be motivated to progress further.

My 10 years old child Clarice who is currently in grade 4, has been learning piano with Miss June for 3 years. Miss June is an exemplary music teacher who is committed to achievement in her students. Miss June ensured Clarice did well in her practical exams by extending the lessons whenever needed be.On the day of Clarice’s practical exam, Miss June met up with Clarice at the waiting area and gave her encouragement. They have definitely built good rapport with each other. Clarice is comfortable learning from Miss June.



Mom of child, Clarice

June是一位非常优秀的钢琴老师,她热情、耐心,富有责任心。孩子在学习中有问题时,能及时跟家长沟通和解决,具有良好的专业素养。这些都是我欣赏和敬佩她的原因,所以我家的俩个孩子都交给她教,我很放心。今年我家老大刚刚考完5级theory 拿到了distinction 好成绩,6级practical 正在准备中。老二也过了2级考试正在准备4级的考试。我对June 很有信心。

Ms June is an outstanding piano teacher. She is passionate, patient and responsible. When the children has any issues, she will communicate with the parents and resolve the issue in quick time. This shows her professionalism. This is what I love about her. Hence, I feel very assured when I let my 2 children to have lessons with her. This year, my elder son achieve Grade 5 theory distinction. Now preparing for Grade 6 practical. Second child has already completed Grade 2, now preparing Grade 4. I have my full confidence with Ms June.


MingChang Mommy, 明泽妈妈

Mom of 2 kids


English, Mandarin


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